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Male dance partner required that's 6ft tall Approx + / - 30 years old or so!

Hi There,

It says that if you post an article it will be seen around the world.

Well I'm searching every nook and cranny in search of ONE male dance partner, preferably to concentrate on International Standard. However Latin is also an option.

Dancing is my life. If it means giving up my vacation to go training then I'll do it, no problem.

My idols are the former champions Karen and Marcus Hilton. They do the best Foxtrot in the world.

I'm in my mid- thirties and as I'm 5 ft 8 (wos) I most probably need a guy that's 5ft 11" minimum bordering on the 6ft plus side. So all you guys who thought you were too tall to dance well maybe I'm the lady you are looking for.

I currrently reside in Ireland and its a great place. So whether you are European or from one of the other four continents, then contact me. I'm 110% dedicated and will practice no end in order to reach the top. I won't let you down!

As in the past I will be at the Blackpool Championships next month May/ June 2006 so if you are going to be there then why not drop me an email.

If not I can fly and meet you at a more convenient time as finding the right partner to dance with is essential if you want to reach the top.

My address is :

I hope to hear from you soon,
Happy Dancing,
Kildare Lass