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3rd edition of Brake Design & Safety

The 3rd edition of the book is now available. I hope I can speed up the Brake Design & Safety workshop with one new subject/assignment every six weeks.

Thanks for your patience,


Re: 3rd edition of Brake Design & Safety

Obviously, I love how SAE put my book together. There are some minor printing mistakes.
1. Figure 6-5 should be Figure 6-8 of the 2nd. ed.
2. Equ. 2-4 has the Greek letter alpha missing where the "-" is.
3. Page 48: Figure 2-17 should read Figure 2-7.
4. Page 98: Ref. 3.12 should be Ref. 1.4.
5. Page 260: Section 7.13.2 should read Section 7.12.2

Rudy Limpert

Re: 3rd edition of Brake Design & Safety

Dear all,

I am studying Single Vehicle Braking Dynamics, and I would like to know how to obtain the equation 7.9 for the optimum rear braking force from the equation 7.8 and 7.7a.

Thank you so much for your attention

Best Regards;
Marcio Palitti

Re: 3rd edition of Brake Design & Safety

Mr. Paletti, please e-mail a short note to so I can demonstrate the derivation of Eq. 7-9.

Where are you located?
Best wishes
Rudy LImpert

Re: 3rd edition of Brake Design & Safety

Marcio, did you ever get your problem solved with deriving the equations?

Re: 3rd edition of Brake Design & Safety

I have a question. I want to predict the Brake Effectiveness (Pedal effort vs Deceleration, Pedal stroke vs Deceleration) of a vehicle equipped with an ABS. Which formula is used?
Is it the same as the formula for Brake effectiveness of a vehicle with a Propositioning Valve?
In addition, I would like to ask you to refer to "3rd Edition of Brake Design & Safety".

Re: 3rd edition of Brake Design & Safety

Mr. Lee, please e-mail me at This way I can better explain.
Thanks, Rudy Limpert