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Re: 3rd edition of Brake Design & Safety

Mr. Paletti, please e-mail a short note to so I can demonstrate the derivation of Eq. 7-9.

Where are you located?
Best wishes
Rudy LImpert

Re: 3rd edition of Brake Design & Safety

Marcio, did you ever get your problem solved with deriving the equations?

Re: 3rd edition of Brake Design & Safety

I have a question. I want to predict the Brake Effectiveness (Pedal effort vs Deceleration, Pedal stroke vs Deceleration) of a vehicle equipped with an ABS. Which formula is used?
Is it the same as the formula for Brake effectiveness of a vehicle with a Propositioning Valve?
In addition, I would like to ask you to refer to "3rd Edition of Brake Design & Safety".

Re: 3rd edition of Brake Design & Safety

Mr. Lee, please e-mail me at This way I can better explain.
Thanks, Rudy Limpert