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Power Point for MARC1 Applications

Happy NEW Year to all Recon Fellows!


After receiving feedback from you, my team and I have decided NOT to issue a Police Edition of MARC 1. What we will do, publish a user-friendly power point presentation for proper and effective MARC 1 use and helpful actual case applications. Users can watch the presentation at their leisure as often as required. For those of you who have attended the ARC-CSI Las Vegas crash conferences as well as IPTM meetings will remember some of the presentations by Rudy Limpert, which typically were limited to 1/2 to 1 hour, often only addressed one or two reconstruction concepts. The new Power Point will be the best ever! You will see me explaining concepts, pointing out reconstruction pitfalls, showing you mistake even the Ph.D-experts have made in the past, etc.
With the power point you can develop your own class home office teaching schedule, review only that what your team might need for particular case or crash. The purchase of the power point includes an electronic copy of Limpert's book "Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Cause Anakysis" (7th edition).

Please, let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions on the subject.

Thank you very much!

Rudy Limpert, Ph.D.

Re: Power Point for MARC1 Applications

But only if our hero Franco Gamero is the one who makes it. But don't let him say anything. Only Dr. Limpert speaks.
Also, it would be nice to include:
1. Suggested field worksheets (Exhibit-proof),
2. Office worksheets (Exhibit-proof),
3. Report drafts ((Exhibit-proof))
4. Solved problems.

This is good!!
I'm starting work on it!!!