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Last Chance! Really

This is Rudy Limpert. After 50 plus more years of doing crash reconstruction, teaching it and testifying in far too many cases I am getting out of the business. If any of you have any questions, want to shoot the breeze, please contact me. Times have changed. Many years ago an eggspert from Michigan bought my LARM2 (now MARC 1) and was ******** and moaning, why I hadn't published any post crash drag factors. I asked him what type of accident it was. He said: I don't know, it has not happened yet. I said how in hell can I know the drag factor, if you don't know the crash details. And remember m/2 V squared is not a thing of nature -it is derived from V-t diagram and friction work. No secrets there (see pages 21-8 and 21-9 of 7th edition of my book). And don't fall for the old opposing lawyer trick: "Isn't it possible the your driver made a mistake"? your answer is: No, because my driver was not drunk, he was not tired, had a valid divers license, knew the road well, had his coffee in the morning, kissed his wife before leaving, etc. Base your answer on the FACTS of your case, NOT on some stupid speculations without any basis. Could Rudy have been a billionaire? NO,not based on the true facts of my life (or your accident). Can I be a billionaire tomorrow? Sure, if Bill Gates comes through the door and gives it to me (this would be a totally different case, not the one I and you and the judge and jury are here for). Even for the big Ph.D. experts opposing you they don't know the drag factor because of their university schooling. Matter of fact, they only heard of this special recon term long after you did!

Take care and good luck!

Rudy Limpert