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Software for book!

Hello, to a my fans who have bought my books and contacted me over the years. I will give you at no charge any of the underlying software/spread sheet programs used in my brake book, be it brake temperatures, braking system design for 2-axle vehicles or big semis,or braking in a turn, or brake factor for drum brakes Fig. 2-1(for the really old guys). For example, Fig.3-7, Fig-3-15 (came from a 24-death bus accident by fire caused by brake-caused fire), Fig. 6-10 (air brakes) and Section 8.5.2. If any of you need the brake pad edge ash analysis (shows that brakes were applied at high speed for short time (typically around 8 to 10 sec) before the crash. This deal also applies to those readers who bought my accident reconstruction book.
Sorry, this offer does not apply to my crash reconstruction MARC 1 Software program, which is available at $290.00

Take care and stay healthy with this darn virus.

I appreciate you all, Rudy Limpert/April 11,2020

Re: Software for book!

Hello Dr.Limpert, could you answer me a question ? I recently bought a Second Edition Brake Design and Safety, am I elegible to receive the software ? I'm not using it for a comercial purpose, it's for the SAE BAJA, I'm currently a member of a SAE BAJA team, specifically the Brakes subsytem and this software would definitely help us.

Hope you're doing well !


Re: Software for book!

Yes, I will email the program to you. Please, contact me at my e-mail.

Take care,

Rudy Limpert