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Re: Dr. Limpert is he really retired?

Yes, he is really retired. Just ask his wife. The only drag factor he works on these days, is dragging the garbage can to the curb every Tuesday. For my foreign friends, that is the day when the big garbage truck comes. Every other Tuesday is recycling. I have to drag two cans!
But it was fun, facing 200 to 300 juries and judges, about 600 to 1000 lawyers, and teaching about 1500 engineers and police officers or so about energy balance. In my first SAE brake class in Florida in 1982 or 3 I had about 22 engineers attending. But in the next class a year later at the International SAE Conference in Detroit 105 people registered. And SAE had to schedule two Limpert seminars that week. And from then on 2 or 3 seminars each year and my good friend Franco Gamero always helped to make it fun, particularly with the visual aids and the software programing! There is one thing more, my friend Bruce Enz and his crash tests. He drove his truck pushing it into the a stationary subject vehicle to be impacted. It was indeed a miracle when it hit somewhere close. But it always hit something!!!

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