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Welcome to the PC-Brake Accident Reconstruction practitioner forum.   Anyone can post a message.  Have a question about a case?  Want to share your ideas to help others?  Perhaps you have a comment?  The PC-Brake Accident Reconstruction practitioner forum is where accident reconstruction is discussed.

PC-Brake Accident Reconstruction Forum
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Fellow Accident Investigators and Reconstructionists. Has my website been of any use to you? Has it been helping. I am thinking of shutting it down. When my reconbook and Marc1 software came out and I taught 3 to 4 recon seminars for SAE each year from 1988 to 2004 their were between 300 to 600 website contacts annually. I remember my second SAE seminar had over 100 people registering. SAE split it in half, two two-day sessions. Reconstruction just began to move from
square-root of 30 f d to linear momentum. Look at page 33-32 and the fundamental error the police investigation made in a standard intersection collision. Now we use crush energy or angles rotated after impact to mathematically check our impact speed calculations. See Section 38.06 "Using Energy Balance and Crush Energy to check Reconstruction Accuracy".

So here is the question: Shut down or NOT? If I don't get 13 or more Nos she goes down!

Take care, Rudy Limpert