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Thanks to my Fellow Recon. Guys

My best wishes go to the experts and crash investigators and experts who I have met over the last 45 to 50 years. Yes, I started to measure and reconstruct and testify in the beginning of the 70s while heading the MDAI Crash Team at the University of Utah. Having designed and tested hydraulic brakes in Germany helped a lot. After a while I received 50 to 100 cases per year. Thanks to my support crew I did manage, most of them settled out of court after my depo was taken. When you write a report, remember the important things: write as little as possible, only as much as necessary, never be afraid of a Ph.D. expert - usually they have very little practical experience- never welded a frame or designed a dynamically loaded bolt connection or a
forklift part, etc. finished high school, finished college, got the Ph.D. and became the expert by reading what others did and doing some crash testing. A good lawyer will take care of that. If you don't know your stuff, go home. I remember at one Las Vegas Crash Conference, people argued the kinetic energy hat only one half of the mass m involved E = 1/2 m (V)(V) and
they thought the number 2 was a natural constant. See page 21-8 for the very simple derivation.

Take care and remember the "30" is not the rounding down of 32.2 as testified a long time ago by Salt Lake City police officer.

Take care RudyL.