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crash reconstruction seminar

Dear Reconstruction Officer!

The reconstruction of a traffic crash can be a simple task, if we only look for speed and traffic violation. But to defend your reconstruction in court will be extremely challenging, to say the least. For example, what are the limiting assumptions underlying the simple "Linear Momentum Method". Can it be used, when car is spinning after impact, or rolls over after impact, or the impact itself is primarily elastic. Are friction forces between tires and ground ignored during impact? Or when the impact is located at the right front, at the right rear tire, or at the center-of-gravity location. When one car is spinning after impact, do I have to increase my calculated impact speed to account for the spinning energy? Can the standard Linear Momentum Method be used only when the impact vector action line goes through the center of gravity of the struck vehicle? You can see that a host of questions are available the lawyer cross-examining you!
The deceleration or "drag factor" after impact may also present a real challenge! It is a very important and critical factor of an accurate use of the linear momentum method. Because the after impact speeds are used to calculate the speeds before impact!
Or how can you use rotation of a car after impact to check your impact speed calculation accuracy. Or when do we use crush energy as a must have to calculate impact speed. And when do we use it as a secondary method to check our speed calculation accuracy.

I could probably go on for another hour. If you want a crash reconstruction seminar or class, please speak up. As one Ph.D renon fellow once said, I have learned in three hours of Rudy's class as much as in the others three weeks class.