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New Student

Hi fellow students, just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I have been raised around herbals all my life. my speciality is native american herbs and uses from living on the reservation through my late teen years, to having a sucessfull CSA farm for 15 years with state certified natural fruits, veggies, herbs, spinning fibers and organic meats in the metro. We now are in the process of building a cabin back on the reservation in northern minnesota with plans on someday opening a herbal heath clinic and store in that region. In the meantime, i started a different website ( my old one was for the farm mainly) so alot of my clients are waitng for the new one to be done becasue i send my herbal soaps all over the U.S. I'am honored to be part of this school and to further my education in herbs!
Jill ~ ( mushkeeki means medicine)

Re: New Student

Hi Jill, Welcome and it's so nice to meet you. You have a very interesting story! I have always been most interested in the plants that grow 'outside my backdoor' too.
Good luck in your studies! I've completed the western herbalist certificate program and have just applied for the master herbalist program. You can find me here or at
Herbal soaps, nice! I'm going to check out your site.